Helping hands

Markus from Oberhausen
put in a lot of energy to translate parts of our website. Here we want to thank you very much. It is wonderful, that we are still in contact and you give us so much of your free time to help us.

feine Räder

The shop we bought our bikes. Here we store our repairing parts and the owner will send them to us if needed.
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Of course we also need flights to get from one continent to the other. But to find the special ones for us you need to have a fine nose. Wolfgang of XXL-Travelservice in Aschaffenburg has exactly that nose. If we need a oneway ticket to Vancouver or a flight with bicycle-carrier. He always found the cheapest flight. He helped us to make the long distances without bike.
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ADFC group Aschaffenburg

The German cycling association. The Aschaffenburg-group helped us on preparing slide shows in Aschaffenburg. They also helped on questions about routes around our hometown. While the trip they will write some articles in the local newspaper.
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