Technical details from our bicycles

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We both ride 28" trekking bikes. My experiences with my last bike from "Fahrradmanufakturrad" were so good that I choosed it for the best for our trip. We dont want to ride offroad where possible so we don't need mountain bikes. On normal road conditions this bikes are much more comfortable and faster. I choosed the T900-frame for me and the T700-frame for Mila. All parts were mounted by feine Räder


Carrying the bicycles in the airplane

On my last trips I always tried to carry the bike without cover. Then the stuff can handle it easier as a bicycle. They can push it and don't have to lift it up so often. On this trip I was afraid of any damage so we put the bikes into big cardboard boxes and it worked well.
All the bags we wrapped into the tarp we will put under our tent.



Until now I only have a picture of the tools. The list I will make later..



I choosed steel frames to make sure, we can repair them everywhere. I also carry some solder so that we only have to find a car repair shop.