Our big tour around the world

Now you are at the heart of our homepage: The documentation of our bicycle-trip around the world.
The reports which we want to publish, as regular as possible, you will find at "Diary". We hope to encounter computers frequently during our journey. The reports start at Febuary 10th 2003, three months before our departure. With all the other interesting bits of information we collected for you. We would be delighted if you'd sign and comment in our guestbook. If you have questions then send an e-mail to
and we will help you whenever we can. And if you want to be updated about the trip fill in your e-mail-address into the newsletter-form.

    Have fun browsing!

We are sorry that we have not translated all articles into English up to now, but we'll try to complete the pages soon. The pictures are already there.
San Cristobal de las Casas, 2004 Photo: Britta Bacchetto