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world trip: All about our bicycle trip around the world
(May 5th 2003-?)

Your questions: Reasons for our trip
Cash:  Tips and experiences around the money
Literature:  Book tips and reviews
Images:  The most beautiful pictures
Nuisances:  Crazy things, happened on this trip
Guardian angles: About our inshurences

Technology:  Tips and experiences about bicycle technique
Helping Hands:  Our sponsor and other helpers
Equipment:  Tips and experiences with our equipment

Who we met:  People we met on the road, sorted by country
Our health:  Medicine and sicknesses
Route:  The route yet with detailed maps and statistics
Lovely food:  Camping kitchen and recipes from diffrent countries
Diary:  reports, sorted by country

art: Milas Art-projects

Projekt World trees:  Mythtrees all over the world, tree-ceremonies
Dance:  Dances of the world and own improvisations
Milas patterns:  My graphic companions and others
Painting:  Paint-orders on the road
Photography:  Diffrent kind of traveling photography
Landart:  Art in the landscape

private: Some private things about us

We about us:  Self-introduction shortly before the trip
Wedding:  Our wedding on bicycles
New Year's Eve 2002: The wonderful party with friends
Links:  Links to websites of friends

bike stories: Stories about Markus' bycicles

The Bumble Bike: The fully faired recumbend bike


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A List of all contributives and the standard standoff about the contens of linked pages.
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