Art and the Love for Nature

Art and nature - which at first sight perhaps sounds like a contradiction - they are for us inseparably connected. The fascinating manifestations in the landscape and in the world of the plants appears to us as artful creation and inspires the fantasy. With art I can express my love for nature.

Beside the planning and drafts, which I had made as a landscape architect in the past years, there were always also some not order-related, artistic goals, which I had done myself like experimenting with body painting, the rendition of tree characters and concentrating on increasing emotional expression through dance. I would like to show you examples of this on our web site.

One’s own creative work is a constantly changing process full of surprises, which experiences a completely different dynamic during a voyage ‘round the world. Once away from the European context, we shall have surely a quantity of inspiration by meeting with artists, varying landscapes and other cultures. On this part of our web we would like to share with you our adventures and creative experience.

Much fun when discovering!