Welcome to Mila and Markus!

At the beginning there is always a wild idea. Uninhibited and without any kind of realism the idea took hold of our minds. Sometimes you can tame those wild and crazy ideas but that is not really easy.

Anyway we could not resist the temptation (Versuchung) to travel around the world by bike. Whether it was a clever (weise) decision to swap our well-organized and settled life in Germany for an open-ended adventure, we don't know yet. Here on our home page you can follow us and see what it was like in the big wide world (Welt). We collected a huge amount of information that helped us to prepare our trip. For those of you who have similar ideas, look here on our web site.

One idea normally bears some more. On our home page you can find even more "Tamings", like those of the human powered vehicles or of our wedding on bikes, pictures of trees and many more things.

Enjoy reading and dreaming


Photo: Klaus Kuras

For notices via e-mail about mistakes you found on reading our website we are very thankful.